Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Changing The Layout of a Kitchen

Location is no longer just important in real estate. The design of a kitchen will determine how user-friendly and energy-efficient a kitchen is. This does not have to be a difficult process and is a cost-effective way to make an old kitchen look new again.  Kitchen remodel scottsdale is a great cost effective resource for your kitchen remodel. The ideal layout for a kitchen depends on how a kitchen is used. If a person stays home all day, is in their kitchen a lot, and makes a lot of meals from scratch, they may want a kitchen that is shaped like a u. This design places the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a triangular pattern to make sure the kitchen is safe and to make it more energy-efficient. However, if a person likes to cook with other people, spend a limited amount of time in the kitchen, and only make a few meals from scratch, additional storage and a more efficient use of space is essential. In this case, a kitchen design with a lot of work centers close to the kitchen’s major appliances may be a very practical idea. Getting new energy efficient appliances is a good idea also.

Energy Efficient Appliances Are a Good Element

Purchasing brand new kitchen appliances will give a kitchen a look that is fresh and new will make a kitchen look better and lower a homeowner’s utility bills. The Department of Energy gives Energy Star labels to appliances that have a high energy efficiency level. An energy efficient refrigerator will use twenty percent less energy than a standard one that was made in 2001. Safety is another important reason to remodel a kitchen.

Safety is Super Important

Whether a family has young children or older adults living in a home or someone else that has balance issues lives with them, or a person just lives with their cat, it is essential to have a safe kitchen. Simple remodeling ideas can turn a kitchen from a death trap into a delightful room. Moving appliances around (such as the stove), will ensure that the kitchen entry doors will not affect the use of a stove. Another good safety idea is to install kitchen cabinets that have rounded edges, putting locks on doors, and putting timer devices in appliances will lower the chance of an accident taking place in a kitchen. Knowing the style of kitchen that you want prior to remodeling a kitchen is very important also.

Knowing Your Style is Key

Before making an remodel plan, it is key to know what your kitchen design style is. The three main styles are: modern, transitional, and traditional. A modern kitchen has: clean lines, angles, and edges and an overall cool aesthetic. To get a modern kitchen, obtain stainless steel items, streamlined cabinets, and very few items on top of the countertops.